Drive by yourself your Mini-Raft

Drive by yourself your Mini-Raft

Rafting | Verdon

2 to 4 people


Spring / autumn
1 FROM 2 TO 4 PEOPLE 300€


This product is a novelty 2019 in the Gorges du Verdon!

You will have the opportunity to be the only master aboard your boat. Your guide will not be very far and will help you from his boat to choose the right trajectories.

Before you go to the water, you will have to be attentive to the speech of your guide who will give you all the tricks to direct your raft, to choose the good trajectories and how to react in case of unforeseen!

This new sport activity in the Gorges du Verdon allows a real team work. It is geared towards an audience of sportsmen with or without rafting experience.

How it works

The proposed course is the "Classic". It takes about 2h30 of descent and add the briefing time necessarily longer than a normal briefing.

From the beginning, you will have to be reactive and work in a team. The Castellane slalom pool is equipped with many rip-raps between which we will have to slalom ... The following kilometers, quieter, will allow you to take control of your boat. At kilometer 6, you will arrive at the biggest speed of this route (La Barre Saint Jean). The guide will take the time to really brief you, a small recognition of the edge may be needed ...

The rest of the route alternates maneuvering and quieter passages where you can enjoy the beauty of the scenery.



Supervision by a guide from his own boat

Technical equipment (combinations) and safety (vests, helmet, ..)

Transport back to the starting point.

Good to know

This activity is reserved for a sporting public, having already experience of water sports.

Rafting is practiced on the opening days of the dam managed by EDF:

- SPRING / AUTUMN: random, we learn it one to two days in advance.

If the dam were to be closed the day of your visit, two solutions are available to you:

- Shift at a later date

- Replace the rafting activity with the famous aquatic hike (in the heart of the Grand Canyon du Verdon!).

Think about your swimsuit (to wear on you) and your sneakers!

Meeting place

Raft Session, Chemin des Hautes Listes 04120 Castellane

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